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Those who know ghosts tell us that they long to be released from their ghost life and led to rest as ancestors. As ancestors they live forth in the present generation, while as ghosts they are compelled to haunt the present generation with their shadow life.
Hans Loewald

I am a fully trained and much experienced psychodynamic counsellor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. I work with adults one on one. The range of my clients mirrors the range of people within London. I am well able to attune to these ranges.

Among issues with which I work are: abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, disability, mental well-being, strain and distress, relationships, trauma, unease of culture, and problems at work. The spectrum is much wider. One theme is made of moments that have shaped clients. These have also been sources of distress.

Within the work, a number of prospects arise. There is scope for new ways of looking at, noting, and being with hurtful passages of time. There are also windows for fuller, more worthwhile glances at past events that still cause pain, and also for degrees of apt movement.

It is a matter of small steps. It relates to timing. It is a question too of how ready each client is to take in, and manage, strands of something new and other than prior ways of being or sensing. In short, as and when the time is right. You can click on my How It Helps page for more detail.

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, my aim is to get, grasp and follow what you need. I am also mindful of your background and foothold in life. So I practise by way of a sliding scale for fees. This relates to the details of your present life, work or study. You can talk these through with me.

I offer face to face, confidential counselling and psychotherapy. I will not fast track or tell you how you ought to solve your problems. Instead, as counsellor and client, we would each and also both think about the issues that affect you; and explore your feelings, thoughts and indeed the vibe deep down in your gut.

You can come to my Forest Gate counselling and psychotherapy site from stations at Stratford, Forest Gate and Wanstead Park, in East London. Many buses also come to the area. I can send you details.

Lastly, I cannot know why you are reading this. Yet it may be that you are in a harsh place or find your life to be at a painful standstill. Perhaps one close to you is at such a point. If either is so, I am sorry; and would suggest you contact me by email or phone call, as detailed to the right of these words. I will reply as soon as I can.

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